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~ Sunday, March 14, 2004

 wha ji, i'm already ignoring my own blog liao leh. some people are ka chiaoing me to update my blog. ~sigh~, so sad man. i so busy but still got tons of homework. some things to say for the past week lah, budden horz, very sad lah. all thx to dunno who-maybe itz heaven's will, sisheng broke his poor arm. luckily itz his left and not the right, if not how is he supposed to write lorz. somemore horz, itz during the hols lehz, he cannot play. ~sigh~, feel sad for him man. but he'll recover in about 4 months time so the damage is not very the long lorz. aiya, mum, stop shouting lah. okok, i gotta go liao. if not my eardrums will burst one.
Some People are crap but they don't talk crap, Hong Ming rawks 4eva and eva

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